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Government as a Platform Playbook - some implications for Beneficial Ownership Transparency

Richard Pope’s Government as a Platform Playbook (GaaPP) is a clear and insightful summary of the move from simply digitising government services to (re)building them on “platforms” that are modular and can be reused by multiple service designers. In theory, this allows services to be designed around the needs of citizens, rather than replicating the structures of a government. The GaaPP helped clarify some of my thinking around the local context of implementing beneficial ownership transparency (BOT). That context involves not just legal frameworks and technical capacity (to which we have paid a lot of attention) but service availability (which we have probably underplayed). BOT has a lot of dependencies on other government services and, if implemented well, could potentially add value by providing services to other parts of government.

This post contains a series of, largely unordered and disconnected, implications for BOT implementation that occurred to me as I was reading through the Playbook, as well as some brief notes on the GaaPP itself. I recommend reading the whole thing, and there are some interesting essays listed in a related Twitter thread too.

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Identifiers and Standards Governance :: Draft

In open data , and in open data standards, everybody loves identifiers. But maybe we love identifiers so much that we are accelerating use and production of identifiers, at the expense of:

This post is about the current dynamics between open data standards and identifiers, as I see them, and the implications for what might need to happen next.

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Beneficial Ownership Registers: who knows what?

This is an condensed, expanded and tidied up version of a talk I gave at EITI’s Opening Up Ownership: Africa conference, Dakar, Senegal in November 2018. It covers which actors know what in the beneficial ownership disclosure process, and some of the implications for data quality, business processes and register design.

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Andres Knobel, Unequal Exchange: Automatic Exchange of Information

Notes from webinar on Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI), hosted by Tax Justie Network, Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability India and Financial Transparency Coalition.

Presentation by Andres Knobel, TJN. Slides

CBGA India Primer

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What's Next on Beneficial Ownership, OGP Summit Tbilisi, July 2018

Notes from session on What’s Next on Beneficial Ownership? Company Leadership and Implementation through National Action Plans at OGP Summit 2018, Tbilisi, Georgia

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